I’ve been a GoldMine CRM Consultant since 1998… I help business owners, sales and marketing managers, and salespeople make improve their sales and marketing efforts by implementing, supporting, and training on GoldMine CRM.
My customers
have taught me that initial, and just as importantly, ongoing training is not just desirable but essential to get all the benefits from GoldMine.

I’ve put together the following resources to help you get the most out of GoldMine to help improve your bottom line.
Chad Smith, Publisher
The GoldMine Blog

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Mastering GoldMine Dashboards

The Dashboard Module in GoldMine 9.0 is one of the most exciting additions to the product in years. Dashboards give you an easy way to visualize not just GoldMine data but external data as well. Through 7 lessons I’ll teach you how to master the use and creation of dashboards in GoldMine 9.0.

Dashboards Part 1 – Introduction to Dashboards
Dashboards Part 2 – The Dashboard Development Environment
Dashboards Part 3 – The Datasource Manager and Tables
Dashboards Part 4 – Summary Datasources & Charts
Dashboards Part 5 – Limiting the data with drop downs and calendars
Dashboards Part 6 – The Review
Dashboards Part 7 – External Data Sources

Investment: $47

Putting the Automation in Sales Force Automation: Automated Processes for GoldMine

Automated Processes

GoldMine’s Automated Processes™ are without a doubt one of the most powerful features of the product. Of course, you don’t care much about features, you care what it means for your business!

Here are a few examples…

Have GoldMine automatically create a series of letters, emails, and phone calls to a list you import from a trade show.

Have GoldMine automatically send a series of emails about a product a prospect is interested in over a span of weeks or months. Intersperse those emails with phone call follow-ups from your sales reps.

Have GoldMine automatically schedule a call to prospects not touched in 30, 60, or 90 days.

These are just a few examples of the power of Automated Processes. In a sentence: They make GoldMine do the routine and mundane sales tasks that should be done, that generate revenue, but that no has time to do. I use them extensively in all areas of running The GoldMine Blog.

I’ll teach you how to setup Automated Processes in GoldMine through 8 video lessons:

Lesson 1 – Understanding Automated Processes (8:47)
Lesson 2 – The Automated Processes Center (7:53)
Lesson 3 – Understanding Events, Triggers and Actions (22:23)
Lesson 4 – Creating a Lead List Track (16:45)
Lesson 5 – Creating a Drip e-Marketing Track (10:59)
Lesson 6 – Creating a Warm/Hot Prospect Track (23:28)
Lesson 7 – Creating a Observer Track (6:33)
Lesson 8 – Executing Automated Processes (10:21)

Not sure if this is right for you, just fill out this quick form, and I’ll send you Lesson 1 at no charge.

Investment: $39

Crystal Reports for GoldMine

Crystal Reports

Leverage the leading database reporting tool…Crystal Reports

To get everything from contact profiles & contact lists to daily schedules & call reports, from sales forecasts to missing data lists…

If you’re a user of Corporate Edition or Premium Edition you can easily use Crystal Reports to slice and dice your GoldMine data.

Here’s what you’ll get with Crystal Reports for GoldMine

49 Crystal Reports designed for GoldMine

Contract profile reports – calendar & schedule printouts – daily schedules & to dos - call & appointment analysis
Opportunity Manager reports – Project Manager reports – forecasted sale reports – Service Module reports

Plus, I’m going to train you to use these reports to work with your database, from within your GoldMine, and how to tweak the reports themselves so they’ll be what your company wants with video tutorials on:

- ODBC & Data Sources in Crystal Reports
- Introduction to Crystal Reports
- Setting up workstations to run Crystal Reports from within GoldMine and adding Crystal Reports to your GoldMine Reports Menu.
- Adding, removing and re-arranging text fields & data objects in reports
- Crystal Reports select expert & parameters to limit data displayed

More Information: http://crystalreportsforgoldmine.com/

Investment: $67

GoldMine Guide to SQL Queries

GoldMine SQL

The GoldMine Guide to SQL Queries is an eBook written for GoldMine users to assist you in writing SQL Queries.

Through 11 chapters and over 70 pages of explanations, examples, and exams with answers you’ll learn how to write even the most challenging SQL queries for GoldMine to help you mine your GoldMine.

‘The Guide’ Will Be Invaluable To You If…

- You need to see all accounts without an email address

- You want to see a list of all primary and secondary contacts, together

- You loose clients because you forget to contact them for 6 (3? 2?) months

- You need to develop a call list of all prospects that were entered into the system last year

- You want to see how many prospects came from each lead source

- You need to see who is tagged with a particular merge code

- You struggle to develop lists for mailing out holiday cards, brochures, new product announcements

- You need a list of all secondary contact and their email addresses

More Information: http://www.goldmineguidetosqlqueries.com/

Investment – $29.95

eMarketing with GoldMine

- How to use GoldMine’s built-in tools to target your customers, prospects, etc.
How to use GoldMine’s Filters for Fine Tuned & Laser Targeted Marketing
- Groups – and why they can be great ways to create ‘Hot Lists’ for marketing.
- Leveraging the power of e-mail templates for personalized one-off and mass e-mails.
- The secret for fool-proof mass e-mail delivery.
- Incorporating graphics and HTML to make your e-mails shine.
- How to use a cheap 3rd party product for professional looking templates.
- How to easily manage bouncebacks and unsubscribes for CAN-SPAM compliance.
- Configure GoldMine for great data, and cleanup your existing data.
More Information –

Investment – $37.00



There are many many resources for GoldMine support, training, and coaching but until now something has been missing…
A place, where you and your colleagues can go,
24 x 7 x 365 to get trained on basic GoldMine usage, explore advanced features, and learn best practices. Something to overcome the problems associated with traditional training, namely:

  • Expensive and time consuming training sessions
  • Hard and pricey to get all road warriors in the office
  • Takes time away from selling and other responsibilities

The solution is GoldMineTraining.NET

This isn’t just a CD or DVD that comes in the mail that will quickly become outdated with the next release of GoldMine… These training videos are available online to anyone in your company and are constantly being added to and updated.

Click Here To Have Video Samples Emailed To You!

3 Months - $99

1 Year - $330